Together We can end waste

One third of what we produce is produced… for nothing. But this isn’t an inevitability: at Phenix, we are convinced that all waste can find a second life, as long as we use a bit of imagination.



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Our mission

Finding solutions so that no product ends up in the trash

Determined to build a world without waste, we find solutions so that unsold goods never become waste: donating to charities, selling to individuals through our mobile app, reusing items, animal food, upcycling…

Our waste solutions

Solutions adapted to address all of your concerns

Whatever your problems may be,

We have solutions adapted to your fight against waste

Large Food Retailers
Global support for zero-waste

We offer different solutions that allow you to manage your unsold items: our mobile app for selling expired products to clients, donations to charities, reuse of organic waste for animal food… all with one objective: reach zero food waste!

Bakeries, greengrocers, caterers
You’ve not seen the last of your unsold products

Your unsold items are a resource!
Save money and share your commitments with a new clientele. Whether you are a restaurant owner, baker, or store manager, Phenix offers tailor-made solutions to put an end to waste in your business. Thanks to our anti-waste app and our network of partner charities, you’ll never throw out anything again, we promise!

Producers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Reuse 100% of your surplus

Discover our solutions to reuse 100% of your surplus, reduce your waste and save money!
Our solutions for recycling, reusing and preventing waste will allow you to improve your yield and save money, while taking an active part in the fight against waste. Are you ready to take the leap?

Hotels, restaurants
Save the surplus

Do you often have leftover dishes and products that you can still eat and have to throw away? Avoid the bin by selling it. Offer them for sale on our Phenix application to over 2.5 million users throughout France.

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The anti-waste app

Citizens, to arms against waste!

Take a stand against waste: buy unsold goods from local businesses at a reduced price!

Do you want to push boundaries?

We are looking for adventurers ready to join us in accomplishing our crazy mission: creating a world without waste! Head in the clouds, feet on the ground… Hands in a trashcan, challenges don’t scare you!

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