Charities? We can help you

At Phenix, we are committed to working with an ever growing network of charities, and to providing you with more and higher quality products each day.

Collect more quality products

Whether your charity is already involved in collecting or not, Phenix can support you by:

  • Growing your supply of products (food and non-food). According to a study led by the Food Bank of Rennes and Phenix, Phenix’s involvement doubles the volume of donations from a store.
  • Improving the quality and selection of products. According to the same study, 94% of products collected during pick-ups were actually made available to beneficiaries. As for the fresh products collected by Phenix, 70% have a shelf life of more than two days (D-2).
  • Simplifying collection by giving you access to free delivery service
  • Minimizing your purchasing budget
  • Reducing research time and allowing you to concentrate on the essential: supporting people in need

A win-win collaboration!

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Partner charities
meals redistributed per day
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A free service, with personalized monitoring

For any organization recognized as having public utility or general interest, our services are free. We can adapt to your needs and take into account your constraints.

Regular access to quality products

We guarantee access to different types of products according to your needs: fresh food products, dry or frozen, household and personal care products, clothing, school supplies, toys, furniture… We can attest that the food products more than comply with all legal and health standards and are perfectly consumable.

Reduction of your supply and transport costs

Thanks to our localized Phenix Connect platform, you can easily find available products near your organization. We also set up logistics assemblies to facilitate transfers.

They are engaged at our side

Receive our anti-waste advice