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Food waste,
It's what's for dinner.

Every day, tonnes of products get thrown away, while millions of people go without or want to become more involved in being better consumers. 

How do we make sure that good products go to others, instead of the bin?

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Making sure food waste gets its just desserts!

We roll up our sleeves each day and do whatever it takes to make our food waste solutions work for everyone.

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First, we butter them up!

We help manufacturers and shops manage their stock efficiently to avoid food waste.

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The cherry on top? No one gets left out!

With our discount baskets, people are saving on their everyday purchases and retailers earn extra revenue. A good idea that does good.

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So everyone has a big, cheesy grin

Our food waste partners work in harmony for positive change –manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and Phenicians alike!

We’ve already saved 150 million meals – that’s 10 million tonnes of products that would’ve ended up in the bin. And we’re just getting started! 


From a simple click to hitting the road, we’ll continue to find human- and tech-centred solutions save food waste from the bin.

Do you want to push boundaries?

We are looking for adventurers ready to join us in accomplishing our crazy mission: creating a world without waste! Head in the clouds, feet on the ground… Hands in a trashcan, challenges don’t scare you!
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