Phenix is the startup
that helps everyone fight food waste!

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Food waste that does good

At the beginning, we noticed that something wasn’t adding up: tonnes of products being wasted each day, millions of people wanting to be better consumers, and a planet on its last legs…

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work to find better solutions against food waste.

Each of our approaches are positive steps taken for the good of everyone, meaning everything we do helps someone else.

  • We support vulnerable communities by giving away free, unsold products to charities.
  • We support businesses, manufacturers, and large retailers by coaching them on how to better manage their unsold stock and avoid the bin.

We support consumers by helping them save on their everyday purchases, and giving them more purchasing power through our zero-waste app.

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Social, environmental, and economic impacts? Oh my!

Phenix is a business that takes a stand and shows everyday that economic efficiency can lead to a more just and ethical world.

And the cherry on top? Phenix is one of the first startups that’s both B-Corp and ESUS-certified by the French government.

And we’re still full of beans!

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Jean Moreau
Phenix co-founder

After attending the elite schools of France and earning a few grey hairs in the banking sector, Jean Moreau had a stroke of genius.

In 2014, he co-founded Phenix with his partner and they hit the ground running. In the years that followed, the business has grown to employ 200 staff, stretched to 5 countries, and saved 150 million meals from going to waste!

Today, Phenix is the leading startup in the fight against food waste.

  • 120 000
    Meals saved each day. That’s 60 tonnes waste daily!
  • 2 500 000
    People registered on the Phenix app, with more than 2 million baskets saved. Together, we’re fighting against waste!
  • 15 000
    Partners stand with us to knock out waste: distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and food services
  • 1 500
    Charities work with us every day to help us give unsold products a second life.
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For a global problem, local solutions!

Where there’s food waste, there’s Phenix.  

Food waste knows no bounds, and neither do we: You can find Phenix in 5 countries with 27 local branches.

Do you want to push boundaries?

We are looking for adventurers ready to join us in accomplishing our crazy mission: creating a world without waste! Head in the clouds, feet on the ground… Hands in a trashcan, challenges don’t scare you!
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