Putting an End to Food Waste!

Phenix has developed a wide range of complementary solutions to put an end to food waste, taking action alongside the major consumers: supermarkets, manufacturers, wholesalers, bakeries, greengrocers, restaurants, and many more.  Because food waste is a global problem! 

A Solution for Every Problem

Whatever your problem, we have a solution to fight it: 

Bakeries, Greengrocers, & Caterers
Don’t Throw Away the Fruits of Your Labour

We help you sell your unsold stock and avoid the bin altogether. So you can make some additional revenue and introduce your shop to a new market. You’ll never throw anything away again!

Hotels & Restaurants
Don’t Bin It, Sell It

With Phenix, you’ll never have to throw away your unsold products. With just a few clicks, you can offer them for sale to our app’s over 2 million users.

Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, and Corner Shops
Serving Zero Waste on the Side

We offer a variety of solutions to manage your unsold stock – tools to check expiry dates, selling products about to go out of date, donating to charity, funding biowaste for animal feed, and much more. All with one goal: Zero Food Waste!

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Producers
Our Solutions Make Use of 100% of your Surplus

Discover our solutions to make use of 100% of your surplus products, reduce waste, and save money!
Our resale and waste prevention solutions help you get better returns, save money, and take an active role in the fight against food waste. Ready to take the plunge?



meals saved per day

Our Mission

Imagine a world where nothing ever gets thrown in the bin.

Set on building a word without waste, we’ve come up with solutions to make sure unsold products never end up in the bin: giving to charities, reselling with our mobile app, reusing, feeding animals, upcycling, and more.

pattern-pink-12 LOGO_NOWASTE_LAB
The No Waste Lab

Phenix Knows a Thing or Two About Food Waste!

Our Zero Waste Lab is designed to provide the consumer goods industry with all the information they need to overcome the problem of food waste. 

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