Don’t Bin It, Sell It!

Whether you’re a baker, greengrocer, shop owner, restauranteur, or even a supermarket manager, the Phenix app helps you sell your unsold products at a discounted price, simply. 

Every day...

You have to throw away products for any number of reasons: their expiry date, their freshness, an unforeseen customer shortfall, a stocking error, and more. 

But what if you could do away with the bin entirely? 

The Phenix app is our quick, simple, and efficient solution to help you sell that unsold stock. 

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Generate Additional Revenue

Recover some of your costs and give your unsold products a second life with the Phenix app.
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Gain Visibility

Open up your shop to a whole new customer base and show your commitment to the cause. 2 million users are already on our platform!
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Commit to the Fight Against Food Waste

All you have to do is put your unsold products on the app each day, and our user base of committed food waste warriors will come to save them!
“It’s handy, because you can sell those small bits that are left rather than throw them away, and the customers are really fighting the zero waste fight. A huge thanks to them.”
Jonathan Sanchez
from Boucherie Sanchez in Montauban - France

1. Signing up takes just a few clicks.

It’s free and there are no strings attached.

2. Put your unsold products

on the platform each day

3. Choose a collection time

that works for you

“Right now, it’s hard to sell everything in the showcase. There’s bound to be losses and it hurts your heart to throw them away. I prefer to put them on Phenix. It makes people happy and I bring in new customers”
in Paris’ 11th arrondissement
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