Don’t Bin It, Sell It!

You’ve not seen the last of your unsold products

Imagine it: It’s the end of the day and you’re about to throw away fruit and veg that’s lost its freshness, chilled products nearing their best by date, stale pastries, the list goes on. 


Sounds terrible, right? Well we’ve got good news for you: they don’t have to end up in the bin! With the Phenix app, you can sell these products for a discount in just a few clicks. 

1. Signing up is simple

free, and no-strings-attached

2. Put your unsold products

on the platform each day

3. Choose a collection time

that works for you

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Attract New Customers to Your Shop

Open up your shop to a whole new customer base and show your commitment to the cause.

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Generate Additional Revenue

Recover some of your costs and give your unsold products a second life with the Phenix app.

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Take a Stand for the Planet

All you have to do is put your unsold stock on the app each day, and our user base of committed food waste warriors will come to save them!

Key figures

15 000
shopkeepers have joined the zero waste cause
Almost 2 millions
baskets sold
15 000 tonnes
of CO2 saved
“The app really is brilliant. We haven’t thrown anything away since we started using it. We’re so pleased! Thank you so much.”
“I wake up at 4.00 in the morning to put my first batches in the oven. It’s impossible to know exactly what I’ll sell each day, and it hurts my heart too much to throw it away. So I put whatever I don’t sell on the app.”

They are engaged at our side

Receive our anti-waste advice