Donating Your Unsold Stock to Charity

We support you while you implement and improve your donation processes. Fighting food waste efficiently.

externaliser le don aux associations

Do you face any of these challenges?

A Big Price to Pay

Waste has economic impacts that affect every link in the food chain.

Required By Law

Political pressure to reduce food waste is mounting, so why not get ahead of the curve?

Daily Operational Management

Managing your charitable giving takes time: targeting beneficiaries, organising the charity volunteers, training teams, administrative management, and that’s just the beginning.

Setting Up or Improving your Donation Process

An appointed Phenix Project Manager will train the field teams in donation standards, organise collections with charities, and provide you with dedicated equipment.

Traceability and Security

We’ll take care of all the donation administration and make sure you’re adhering to all regulatory standards. With our digital tools, all your donation operations are indexed to ensure better monitoring.

Support and Expertise

You’ll benefit from bespoke support tailored to your needs. We’ll be on hand to assist your field teams whenever you need. Backed up with a national network of over 1,500 charity partners throughout the world.

“Phenix gave us a bit more confidence with our unsold products, along with a much larger number of partners.”
Sandrine Fournier
Director, E.Leclerc Pontivy

Optimising Your Donations

We optimise your donation process to improve both the quantity and quality of donations, meaning you’ll make more from your products.


Simple and Time-Saving

We provide you with comprehensive support, from prospecting new charities all the way to delivery – saving you from any regulatory and administrative monitoring.


Financial Gains

Reduce the volume of your unsold products and their associated costs (storage costs, disposal costs…). Donating gives you a fiscal advantage.

“Since the beginning of our partnership with Phenix, we’ve donated over 30 tonnes of salad, fruit, and veg to charities. Particularly those based in Occitania, near our production site. Phenix helps us move faster, making sure our donations are tracked. It’s the kind of support that’s key to get to zero waste.”
Christophe Martineau
Managing Director, Florette France GMS and Food Service.
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