Save Your Surplus!

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You’ve not seen the last of your unsold products

What do you do with the products that are regularly left behind at the end of service? Often you have no other choice but to bin them: hot dishes, desserts, buffets, and breakfast leftovers all going to waste. 


But what if there was an alternative to the bin? The Phenix app helps you sell your uneaten products at a discounted price and put an end to lost sales.

1. Signing up is simple, free,

and no-strings-attached

2. Put your unsold products

on the platform each day

3. Choose a collection time

that works for you

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Attract new customers to your business

Open up your business to our community. There are more than 2.5 million users on our platform!

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Generate additional revenue

Don’t bin it, sell it!

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Take a stand for the planet

Take an active role in the fight against food waste and show your commitment to our community of users.

Key figures

Almost 2 millions
baskets sold
15 000
shopkeepers have joined the zero waste cause
15 000 tonnes
of CO2 saved
“In a few clicks, I was able to sell chicken fillets that were nearing their use by date. In a time like this, where more and more people need a hand, I didn’t want these products to end up in the bin.”
Big Fernand in Toulouse

They are engaged at our side

Receive our anti-waste advice