Put your unsold and surplus stock to work, not to waste

Producers, manufacturers, wholesalers: are you looking for simple and effective ways to reduce waste? Discover our solutions to increase your revenue and prevent waste – increasing outputs, saving money, and taking an active role in the fight against waste. 

Cut Unnecessary Costs!

Each day, products are taken away from traditional sales outlets for a any number of reasons: short product runs, incorrect labelling, logistical hazards, packaging changes, range changes, evaluations, and more.

This waste generates substantial disposal and/or storage costs. 

But today, there are alternatives to the rubbish bin! 

Our solutions for your needs

Waste Advice and Prevention

Bespoke support teams specialised in waste analysis to put in place solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs: reducing your resource consumption and making the most from your surplus.

Use Our App to Sell the Surplus

Sell baskets of unsold products at a discounted price to our community of over 2.5 million users.

Give to Charity

Donate to our network of 1,500 charities and give unsold products a second life.

Turnkey Service

We support you while you implement and manage our solutions, keeping your individual needs in mind. Throughout our partnership, we facilitate the administrative and logistical aspects.

Traceability and Security

We give you access to our digital tools to make management easier. We index your operations and archive all your documents to make sure your processes run smoothly.

Regulatory Compliance

We bring our expertise and industry knowledge to the table, to assist you in your regulatory compliance process regarding the sale of your unsold products.

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Reduce the volume of your waste and increase your revenue

Our solutions help you cut the costs associated with disposal and/or storage, increasing your business’ revenue.

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Simplify your process and save time

A Phenix Monitoring Agent handles all questions relating to logistics and charities. One expert point of contact that helps you save time!

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Take part in Corporate Social Responsibility

Show your zero waste commitment and align with your CSR policy. Simple solutions with concrete impacts.

Just look at our track record:

More than 3,500
zero waste baskets sold in 4 hours
Nearly 2,500
pallets given to charity in 1 year
“A quick and simple and zero-waste solution that’s easy to set up and meets all our expectations. Both organisational and agile. It’s a great way for Carambar&Co and our Bondues factory to show our commitment to zero-waste.”
Jérémy Lombart
Transport & Logistics Manager, Carambar&Co

They are engaged at our side

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