Recycle your unsold goods, reduce your waste

We have developed a range of solutions (donations to associations, sticking of short-dated products, anti-waste baskets, training of your teams, etc.) to put an end to waste, by supporting all professionals in the consumer goods sector. Whatever the sector, there is always a solution against waste!


Solutions adapted to each sector of activity

We offer a wide range of solutions, so that every consumer goods professional can find solutions adapted to their sector of activity.
Bakeries, greengrocers, caterers
Does it cost you money to throw away your unsold goods? Sell your unsold goods to keep them out of the bin. Thanks to our mobile application, you can generate additional income and attract new customers to your shop.
Hotels, restaurants
Do you often have leftover dishes and products that you can still eat and have to throw away? Avoid the bin by selling it. Offer them for sale on our Phenix application to over 2.5 million users throughout France.
Supermarkets, hypermarkets and mini-markets
Would you like to optimise your scrap for the multiple costs it represents? Does it bother you to throw away good products? We have developed complementary solutions to help retailers achieve zero food waste.
Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Producers
Discover our solutions to make use of 100% of your surplus products, reduce waste, and save money! Our resale and waste prevention solutions help you get better returns, save money, and take an active role in the fight against food waste. Ready to take the plunge?
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