Goal: Zero Food Waste

Discover our solutions for your unsold products, reduce your waste, and improve your revenue!

Issues encountered

Every day, products are taken off the shelves because they can’t be sold: damaged packaging, nearing use-by dates, after best before dates, broken products, and more. But most of these products are still perfectly usable. 

All this adds up to a significant loss for retail professionals: between 1-2% of a store’s annual turnover, or about as much as its net profit.

The good news? You can avoid the bin entirely!

Expertise and Performance

A Phenix Project Manager will support you in setting up solutions for your shop and be there for you regularly when needed. You’ll be in compliance with any legislation regarding the fight against waste: guaranteed.

Simple Digital Tools

We give you access to our digital tools to make management easier.


You can follow your operations in real time. We archive all your documents to make sure your processes run smoothly.

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Make Your Point of Sale More Profitable

By lowering the amount of waste, you lower your bio-waste bills and make your point of sale more profitable.
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Easily Manage Your Surplus

Between our support and digital tools, we’ll make your life easier. Reducing waste is no longer a chore.

Commit to Responsible Processes

Your shop will make concrete actions towards positive and unifying change. 44 million meals were saved in 2020. Be part of the movement!

On a tous à gagner à moins jeter !

of unsold products used
reduction in bio-waste
Euros saved
tonnes of waste avoided
180 000
meals saved
of unsold products used
reduction in bio-waste
Euros saved
tonnes of waste avoided
125 000
meals saved

On average, per year and per partner

“Phenix’s process allowed us to not only reduce our food waste, but also to align more closely with our CSR policy.”
Sandrine Fournier
Director, E.Leclerc Pontivy - France

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